It has been two months since the official release of Modern Nostalgia, and I just want to say, thank you. Thank you to everyone who had any involvement in the making of this record. Thank you to all the fans who have purchased a CD or pre-ordered the vinyl. Thank you for all of the overwhelming support that has helped me to make a dream reality.

In the two months that the album has been out, we have seen some pretty amazing success. First of all, we have officially sold out of the first pressing of CDs.

Also, Modern Nostalgia debuted on the Roots Music Report Blues-Rock charts at #17 in the nation, and in a week, climbed its way to the #3 spot. As of this week, it is still the #2 album in the state of Georgia!

We have also reached the target number of pre-orders to get the vinyl made, which you can read more detail about and pre-order your copy here.

The album is also being played on radio stations all over the country, and even internationally!


I can’t express my gratitude enough. It means the world to me to see something I’ve worked so hard on be appreciated in this way. Thank you, all!