Wicked Woman

Wicked Woman” is the third track from our upcoming album, Modern Nostalgia which you can pre-order on digital, CD, or (for the first time) double vinyl with bonus tracks and YOUR NAME in credits.

I wrote “Wicked Woman” with my wife, Evie, during the summer of 2020. I was going through old recordings on my phone of different song ideas I had captured over the past few months and this one just jumped out at me. I had not remembered recording it, so I can’t remember when it originally came to me, but I quickly started to develop the music. Evie was listening in the whole time and she had started writing down lyrics and ideas. Very quickly we were both on the same page about what direction to take the song.  

Prettiest Thief Single Cover Art

I knew straight away I wanted organ and rhodes to be featured on this song so I took it to Tom Wilson, who grasped the sound we were looking for almost immediately. When we rehearsed the song, Ben Alford put together this smooth bassline that perfectly captured the mood the of the tune, and we mapped out the dynamics so organically, it was all just so natural. When we finally went in to record the song, it was a breeze. The rhythm track you hear is all one take, and it only took us a few tries to nail it.  

The guitar parts didn’t go quite as smoothly, as it took several attempts to find the right tone, and an even longer time piecing together the solo. It was only after chief engineer Rob Evans gave me some very sound advice that it finally came together: “You may be trying to put too much into it, take a few notes out. I would choose more expressive playing over more athletic playing any day of the week.”

It didn’t take long after that before we had a pretty great track and now I am so excited to share it with you!

You can now pre-order Modern Nostalgia here.