Prettiest Thief

by Hughes Taylor | Modern Nostalgia

Prettiest Thief

Our new single, Prettiest Thief, is now available on our store! Prettiest Thief is the second track from our upcoming album, Modern Nostalgia. It is generally considered the band’s favorite to play on the album. 

I wrote Prettiest Thief in late January and early February of 2020 after we returned from our UK tour. I was sitting on the main riff for a few weeks when we got back, and the lyrics came to me one night while Evie was at her gem show in Tucson. Missing my wife, I went for a walk around town sometime after midnight and when I returned home, the song just sort of fell into place.  

Prettiest Thief Single Cover Art

This was definitely our most rehearsed song since we were able to play it several times live throughout the year before officially recording it in January 2021. The amazing musicians on this track are Ben Alford on bass, Jonathan Benton on drums, Tom Wilson on keys, and Jessie Albright and Emily Lynn on background vocals. Everyone did such an awesome job on the recording. One of my favorite parts is the last minute decision to have Tom solo over the break before the last verse. 

In rehearsal, we had always just played that riff the same way as the others in the song. On a whim, the night before our session, I suggested a longer pause and for Tom to play a little something. When we went in to record, I believe it was only the 2nd or 3rd take, Tom took a full solo over the main riff and played that smooth run during the long pause. When listening to playback in the control room, everyone present perked up and said “Woah.”

We are so excited to finally share this new song with you, and can’t wait for the release of the new album!