As most of you know, the Hughes Taylor Band toured the United Kingdom with the Heather Findlay Band in January of this year. What you might not know is that I was able to record our last few shows, and have been (not so) secretly working on putting together a live album! We are now approaching the end and I am getting excited about releasing this project. It’s quite fortunate I was able to capture both of our shows (unbeknownst to Heather or her band) and am thrilled that we were both able to put together our own live albums.

The photo we are using for the album cover was taken by the amazing Howard Rankin, who did a superb job of capturing some of the best moments while we were on tour. This shot came from our first show at the Rescue Rooms in Nottingham. 

Members of the Hughes Blues Crew have been receiving the songs as I finish them and have full access to the album AND bonus tracks (and anything else I might be working on) before it ever sees the stores. If you want first or exclusive access to projects like this, join the Hughes Blues Crew today!