We felt EXTREMELY welcomed by the UK audiences, but the local music critics and bloggers also had some nice things to say:

National Rock Review - Adam Kennedy

“The US-based power trio showcased a combination of blues orientated original material as well as a medley of Hendrix hits. Guitarist Taylor has flair in spades as he channelled the great man himself whilst simultaneously playing his trusty white Fender Strat behind his head.”

“There was even room for a brand new tune by way of Trouble, which the band recently laid down at Capricorn Studios in Macon, Georgia. With its heavy groove, rumbling bassline and blistering fretwork, it is sure to be one to watch out for upon release.”

Whispering and Hollerin - Christopher Nosnibor

To say they outclassed the venue would be an understatement. […] They play it out like absolute pros, and before long, they’ve stunned even the gobbiest of sods into silence with a blistering Hendrix medley of ‘Hey Joe’ and ‘Purple Haze’. The former strides along on a groove that’s faster than the original and the sprawling guitar solos see Hughes play the guitar behind his head, behind his back, and with his teeth. But he’s no muso poser: while he’s definitely a showman, he – and the rest of the band, for that matter – bassist Nate Lee and drummer Adriana are incredible musicians who play with tangible passion.”

Bristol 7/24 - Robin Askew

“When your name is Hughes Taylor and you call your band The Hughes Taylor Band, you’re signalling to the world that there will be no fancy costumes, elaborately dressed stages or grand entrances here. It’s all about the music, man.”

“Fortunately, the guitarist is prodigiously talented in this area, leading a sprightly trio who eschew the turgidity that so often infects those beard-stroking purist blues.”

dmeadows.co.uk - David Meadows

“[…] the kind of music I didn’t think young guys like this played any more. And he is just incredibly good. He’s been slowly losing his voice over the course of the tour and I can hear him struggling tonight, but he gives it his best shot and it’s still a great voice for the style of music—a typical blues vocal punctuated by long instrumental breaks, and it’s in the band’s instrumental jams that he really astonishes, because he is just a phenomenally talented guitar player. He goes down really well with Heather’s audiences, but of course we’re all old rock fans at heart and this is what we love. And it’s an interesting pointer to the direction her music is taking at the moment, because five years ago you couldn’t imagine a band like this opening for her, but tonight it’s a perfect fit. “